SET / 7760

Original Word: ~wX (verb)
Strong's Definition: or siym {seem}; a primitive root; to put (used in a great variety of applications, literal, figurative, inferentially, and elliptically)
Translated As: X any wise, appoint, bring, call (a name), care, cast in, change, charge, commit, consider, convey, determine, + disguise, dispose, do, get, give, heap up, hold, impute, lay (down, up), leave, look, make (out), mark, + name, × on, ordain, order, + paint, place, preserve, purpose, put (on), + regard, rehearse, reward, (cause to) set (on, up), shew, + stedfastly, take, × tell, + tread down, ((over-))turn, × wholly, work.
IPD Definition:
  1. to put, place, set, appoint, make
    1. (Qal)
      1. to put, set, lay, put or lay upon, lay (violent) hands on
      2. to set, direct, direct toward1
    2. to extend (compassion) (fig)
      1. to set, ordain, establish, found, appoint, constitute, make, determine, fix
      2. to set, station, put, set in place, plant, fix
      3. to make, make for, transform into, constitute, fashion, work, bring to pass, appoint, give
    3. (Hiphil) to set or make for a sign
    4. (Hophal) to be set
Transliteration: suwm
Phonetics: soom