WHILE / 2089

Original Word: e[ti (adverb)
Strong's Definition: perhaps akin to 2094; "yet," still (of time or degree)
Translated As: after that, also, ever, (any) further, (t-)henceforth (more), hereafter, (any) longer, (any) more(-one), now, still, yet.
IPD Definition:
  1. yet, still
    1. of time
      1. of a thing which went on formerly, whereas now a different state of things exists or has begun to exist
      2. of a thing which continues at present1
    2. even, now
      1. with negatives1
    3. no longer, no more
    4. of degree and increase
      1. even, yet
      2. besides, more, further
Transliteration: eti
Phonetics: et'-ee